Friday, March 10, 2006



I'm looking for a wheelset for DoomSled. I'll go with 26/20 because those are very common sizes. But I need a double walled rim for the rear cause that's where most of the wieght will be. My current rear mountain bike wheel is single walled, and it goes out of true (adjustment) about every 2 weeks. And that's annoying not to mention unsafe. I need a better rear wheel.

I figure the front wheel won't need to be anything uber. I have never had a the front wheel on my mounain bike go out of true. And it was a 32 spoke single wall wheel, plus I put it through all kind of off road stuff and many bunny hops. So only the rear wheel needs the uber leet stuff.

I remember camping in my back yard with my brothers, then getting up in the middle of the night to sleep on the porch or my bed. Maybe if I had a hammock...
Yeah, I hate sleeping on the ground. It's hard. Your back, shoulders, and hips get sore. I think the Mayan Indians have got it right: they use hammocks instead of beds. Smart people.
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