Sunday, April 30, 2006


DoomSled Update

As you can see below, I got my Bentech Highracer frame. It looks good, and I'm pleased with it. I'm gonna use the fork off my old MTB.

It's a one inch headtube. The builder uses a threaded headset, but I'm gonna use a threadless headset. From what I understand, going threadless will be lighter, stronger, and much easier to adjust. Threadless is industry standard now.

I'll use the fork from my old MTB. It has a threaded steerer tube, but the local bike shop can cut down below the threads. Thus making it threadless :) That fork has servered me well.

That last sentence is funny. Did you bleed very much when the fork "severed" you?
Yeah, I've had a couple bad wrecks on that thing and got tangled up in the fork. So yes it almost severed me on a couple of occasions :)
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