Wednesday, July 26, 2006



Okay, here’s the deal with DoomSled: I just got a new Anatomic ™ seat in from Atombikes. It was a nice value: just $30. I'll have to trim it to length and round out the corners. I thought 10 inches wide would be too narrow, but it seems okay.

I've got to send the frame back to the builder. There is a problem with the dropouts and chainline. But he's gonna make new from drop outs for it, and weld new brake bosses on the top side instead of the bottom. The design was a prototype, and he agreed to fix any problems.

Also, I've been sewing up a new backpack: a G4 designed by Glen Van Peski. The company is named Gossamer Gear I figure the skills learned from sewing a backpack will help me when trying to build a set of panniers for my bike. What have I learned so far? This has been a difficult project cause the instruction are hard to follow and the pattern doesn't make sense. Understand that I wasn't trying to use a retail pattern for commercial gain or anything stupid like that. Nor do I want to use a industrial stuff for my own personal gain. I'm just saying now I understand why manufacurers hire pattern makers, sample cutters and makers.

With an industrial pattern you don't even need to speak English. So much work goes into the pre-production that sewing up the thing should be flawless.

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