Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Just Rambling

Okay, I just sent the frame back to the builder. It should be finished soon. He was great about the whole thing. In fact, he emailed me, stating that he had found a couple problems with the frame. So off it went. He contacted me, I didn't have to contact him. That's service :)

Once back, it'll need a chain and cable housing. Then it should be ready to test ride. What color should it be? The fork is gray. So, gray might be a good match.

I'm already thinking of several designs for panniers for the bike. There aren't many companies making panniers for recumbents. So, I figures why not start a bicycle pannier business?

In exploring this option as a career change, I've found that the small manufacturing (cottage industry) is a strong here in America. You'd figure with all the outsourcing to China and other countries that sewn products would never be made in the US. But isn't true.

In the hiking world most of that industry is made of small companies. Take Bryan Frankle of ULA Equipment. He started making backpacks in him home. Now he and two stitchers make some of the highest quality backpacks in the world. They're just 3 person company, yet they have won several awards in Backpacker Magazine over the years, not to mention other awards an honors.

Western Mountaineering was started by two guys with a hole in the wall shop making down sleeping bags, now they're #1 in down sleeping bags, down jackets and vests. Seriously, you read trail journals and most everyone is using some kind of Western Mountaineering product. And they’re still a small company. I think they have about 25 industrial sewing machines or so.

Anyway, I think I was made for this kind of stuff: making things and developing ideas. I wasn't meant for "traditional" work. Being an INFP is exactly the opposite of what many jobs require here in the US. The further you are from the ESTJ archetype the harder it is for you to fit into the “system.”

I’ve tried several types of businesses in the past, but it was always trying the “hottest” thing or the “latest” trend. This time I’m gonna pursue something I want to do. We all have desires, and I think many of those desires are buried because they don’t “fit” the system. We are all told go to school, get degrees so you can this, that, or the other. I wonder how many doctors and lawyers who really wanted to be truck drivers and plumbers, or the number of carpenters and brick masons who really wanted to be pilots or writers?

I love bicycles. I love airplanes. I like making things and developing new ideas. I’m good at finding information and acquiring knowledge. I like shooting at the hip and being laid back. I like doing the right thing.

I hate structure. I don't want someone telling me when to go to work, when I can leave, what to wear; do thing at this time; do that at that time, etc. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind 8 or 10 hours of work everyday. But I want to define that time.

In other words, I want to define my work, not let my work define me.

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