Saturday, August 19, 2006


lol, I like this thing...

Okay, I got the brakes hooked up. This morning I went out to try some big freakin hills. It's fun, and a bit strange. On this bike you don't turn the handlebars in order to turn; you lean instead. If you want to go left, you lean left. If you want to go right, you lean right. Pretty neat, especially when going down a steep hill. Lean in the direction you wanna go, and the bike goes.

I'll be happy when I finally get the chain on. I had hoped that it would've been finished by today, but the bike needs a longer rear shifter cable: a rear cable for a tandem bicycle. Ordered it yesterday. It should be here my next week.

so by 2008 the bike will be done right?
What the frell does that mean?
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