Monday, August 14, 2006


YC-111 Doomsled Team Conducts Roll Test


At 1700 hours Team Funbun began the testing phase for it's new hightourer: the YC-111 DoomSled.

This initial test was done without brakes or a chain. It was a simple roll test. And according to Project Leader Funbun the test was a success:

"It's been a long, hard road. Earlier this morning we got the seat mounted up and decided to run a roll test to get a feel for the machine."

When ask about the safety risks of running a test without brakes, Safety Commissioner Unfbun responded, "Well, there are always risks. But the test was conducted in such a way to keep risks down. We weren't testing for max speed or anything."

"I think it's gonna be a solid bike," said test pilot. "It ain't gonna be a RAAM [Race Across America] machine or nothin', but she felt good. I thought it'd be twitchy like many short wheelbase recumbents. But DoomSled held her own. You see, just coasting gave us a good idea of what the low speed handling would be like. But once the chain and brakes are on, I can to some of that pilot stuff."

That pilot stuff is what we're all waiting to see. Once DoomSled is painted and panniers are designed, we'll all want to see the mileage she'll rack up and the gear she'll haul. When these test are complete, it'll be interesting to see what the YC-111 DoomSled can do.

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