Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Fall is coming

You can always tell when fall is coming in the southeast: nights get cooler. Instead of 90 degree nights it drops into the 80s. That's great for touring. Not too cold or hot at night. Great for hammock camping.

Also, fall is my favorite time of year for biking. I went out for a ride yesterday, in fact. Guess what: flat tire, lol. Then today I went out for another ride. Guess what: another flat!

Weird. Two flat tires in two days. These are the first flats I've had in 3 years. Turns out is was the front wheel. The valve whole had cut a slit in the inner tube’s valve, causing a leak. Going downhill at 45 mph while the tire is going flat ain't no fun.

It's time to get a wheel built for me. Power on Cycling and Gaerlan Custom Cycles build bike wheels. I figure a Sun Rynolite rims with 36 spokes and Shimano LX hubs would do it for now.

I also ordered some Schwalbe Marathons. They should be in by week's end. These old Specialized Crossroads needed replacing anyway. Hopefully by Saturday I'll be backup and running.

btw, I've decided on a paint scheme: blood red. Crimson as most people call it. DoomSled in blood red. It’s the color of my alma mater and it reminds me of the blood of Christ.

Crimson. Nice.

Roll, DoomSled, roll!
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