Thursday, September 14, 2006


Finaly, A Bike Route Through the Deep South

The Adventure Cycling Association has completed sections #1 and #2 of thier new Underground Railroad Bicycle Route. This is exiting news. I could start from my front door and do the southern section. W00t! This would eliminate the cost of transporting the bike; just hop on and go.

Since it's a new map it should be accurate. In fact, there are no addemdums.

Dude, I'm so exicted. By next spring or summer I could do the southern porion of this route. That would give me all winter to make and test new gear.

Hey, it was great seeing you in action today. For those reading the blog, I saw Damon today, reclined and riding across campus. It looked like a cross between Lance Armstrong and LazyBoy recliners.
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